Dynagard Plus™ Wire Rope Citric Degreaser and Cleaner

(5-Gallon Pails)

Dynagard Plus™ is an excellent solvent for cold (room temperature) cleaning of a wide variety of manufacturing equipment, Wire Rope, and products including common and exotic metals, reinforced fiberglass and plastics.

Prior to the Wire Rope Lubrication process, Dynagard Plus™ is excellent for softening hardened materials on the surface of the Wire Rope. This softening allows for easy removal by the Groove Cleaner Kits as the Wire Rope travels into the Lubrication Collar. A clean Groove Pattern and Outer Strand Surface allow for better penetration of the Wire Rope Lubricant inside the Pressurized Lubrication Collar.

Dynagard Plus™ is an excellent product for use in industry because none of its ingredients are listed as a carcinogen, nor does it contain any ozone-depleting chlorinated solvents. It may be used to replace MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) and 111 trichloroethylene, which are hazardous to employees’ health and the environment but are used every day to degrease, clean metal parts and to strip paint and ink.

The low evaporation rate helps decrease the amount of solvent used compared to chlorinated solvents. It is safe and easy to use.

Method of use

 1.- Dynagard Plus™ can be wiped on with a cloth 2.- Placed in an agitated soak tank

3.- Applied as a spray.

4.- Pumped through the Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication Collar.


Directions for use

Use a cloth soaked in Dynagard Plus™, wipe on part or Wire Rope to be cleaned. After Part/Wire Rope is cleaned, wipe with a wet cloth.

It can be used in agitated soak tank, use a high tank so there will be some physical action as well as chemical action. After parts are cleaned, rinse with water (spray or soak) for fast drying of parts.

Spray should be sufficient to give some physical action as well as chemical action.