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Proven performance results by using The Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication Systems vs. manually performed methods of wire rope preventative maintenance.

Our number one goal is to provide you with innovation, safety and support for the care and maintenance of your wire ropes. Since 1982 when we first introduced our products to the world market, we have consistently created the most innovative and well supported methods for wire rope maintenance. Over the years we have listened to you and continue to lead the way. We are currently in the process of announcing new patent pending innovations over the course of 2015.

What is unique about the impressive testimonials we provide is that they have all come to us through third party evaluations. All conclusions and data were arrived at independently by formal evaluation of the performance of our product in field trials. Not one has been solicited by our company.

Example: Cranes

Reduced the amount of labor required.

  • Man Hours were proven to be reduced in one evaluation from 438 hours to 32.04 hours.
  • Number of rags used: from 374 to 92.
    • Reduced hazardous waste:

      • 7.73 gallons of degreaser to 0.

      Pounds of hazardous waste disposed of:

      • From 77.98 to 10.95. Pounds of rags disposed of: From 27.07 to 3.87

      Increased user safety:

      • Using the Kirkpatrick System eliminates user contact with toxic solvents as well as the cable during the lubricating and degreasing process.
      • The process also reduces awkward positions for long periods that involved climbing, standing, squatting and crouching. All required in manually applied and cleaning procedures.
      • The increased ergonomics safety was so excellent in one evaluation that workers’ lost work time was reduced by 100% since implementing the Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication System.
      • Increased savings in another evaluation decreased the cost of performing wire rope maintenance and cleaning from $ 320,000 USD per year to $ 34,000 USD per year.

      We have designed the most efficient wire rope lubrication system available today. We understand what is required to provide you the right system for your specific application prior to purchase and then to maxi- mize your use of that system once it is received. We are as close as your telephone, e-mail or fax. We are available with the answers you need. Please feel free to contact us for any clarification you may require and thank you again for your consideration.


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