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Available System Models

Standard Systems are available in four Models: Each Standard System Model incorporates a 50:1 ratio (100 oz. to 120 oz. per minute) Lubricant Delivery System as well as a Lubrication Collar capable of accommodating Seal and Scraper Plate Kit diameters from 1/4” (5mm/6mm) to 1-7/8″ (48MM).

  • Model SU35B: Fit for 5-Gallon (35 Pound / 15.75 Kgs.) Pails
  • Model SU120: Fit for 16-Gallon (120 Pound / 54 Kgs.) Mid-Sized Drum (Keg)
  • Model SU400: Fit for 55-Gallon (400 Pound / 180 Kgs.) Full-Sized Drum
  • Model SU400C: Fit for 55-Gallon (400 Pound / 180 Kgs.) Full-Sized Drum (High Flow)

mongoose mini

Seal Kits Available for the Mongoose MINI Seal Kit Diameters

Seal Kit Part Number Diameter Range: Inches Diameter Range: Millimeters
9110-M-18 1/8 Inch 3mm-4mm
9110-M-14 ¼ Inch 5mm-6mm
9110-M-516 5/16 Inch 7mm-8mm
9110-M-38 3/8 Inch 9mm-10mm
9110-M-716 7/16 Inch 11mm-12mm
9110-M-12 ½ Inch 12mm-13mm
9110-M-916 9/16 Inch 13mm-14mm
9110-M-1932 19/32 Inch 15mm-16mm
9110-M-58 5/8 Inch 16mm-17mm
9110-M-2132 21/32 Inch 17mm-18mm
9110-M-1116 11/16 Inch 18mm-19mm
9110-M-34 ¾ Inch 19mm-20mm
9110-M-1316 13/16 Inch 20mm-21mm
9110-M-2732 27/32 Inch 21mm-22mm
9110-M-78 7/8 Inch 22mm-23mm
9110-M-1516 15/16” 24mm
9110-M-1 1” 25mm
9110-M1-116 1-1/16” 26mm
9110-M1-18 1-1/8” 28mm
9110-M1-316 1-3/16” 30mm
9110-M1-1/4 1-1/4” 32mm
9110-M1-516 1-5/16” 33mm-34mm
9110-M1-38 1-3/8” 35mm-36mm
9110-M1-716 1-7/16” 36mm
9110-M1-12 1-1/2” 38mm
9110-M1-916 1-9/16” 39mm-40mm
9110-M-18 1-5/8” 41mm
9110-M1-1116 1-11/16” 42mm
9110-M1-34 1-3/4” 44mm-45mm
9110-M1-78 1-7/8” 48mm

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