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Referrals to Partners-Resellers who Market Our Products

Distribution networks around the world need inventory listings for high-quality equipment. That is especially true in addressing their customers’ maintenance requirements. The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc. is a leading producer and distributor of wire rope pressure lubrication systems, lubricants, and carries a complete inventory of parts to support those systems in the field. We have a long-term history of efficiently and quickly supplying our customers anywhere in the world when they are down. Our company began manufacturing these systems in 1982 and our reputation has only gotten stronger as we have amassed over four decades of field experience and industry expertise to make our product line the best in the world. Our systems are unmatched in wire rope lubrication because we originally created them for our own use in support of our maintenance program for our fleet of 450 cranes. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we share our success with every industry that requires the highest standards in wire rope maintenance. This is accomplished through our line of wire rope pressure lubrication systems and related products, as well as training sessions to educate customers about how to use our systems in their applications to generate longer wire rope working life. Another way we give back to our distributors and resellers that list our product line on their websites is passing on referrals that contact us for information. When you promote our products and systems for purchase, we return the action by driving business to you.

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The Referral Process & Its Benefits

The process to market and list our product lines and receive referrals from us starts with a phone call or email. Simply begin the process by contacting our office, and we will put you in touch with a representative or stocking distributor closest to you. In the event there is none conveniently close to your operation, we will work with you to quickly and conveniently accommodate your requirements to ensure all the details get worked out with you swiftly and efficiently. Once we have completed the initial setup and agreement, you’re welcome to start listing our product lines on your website and marketing them to online patrons. In return, The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc. will refer prospective users to your company. The shared benefits of our mutual business relationship will generate additional business that helps you and us thrive in today’s competitive market for lubrication products and equipment. You get the added influx of new potential customers and partners to share your other product lines with when you promote our top-of-the-line products.

Add Our Product Line to Your Website

Companies in many different industries already rely on the wire rope lubrication systems as well as other products we produce such as our Dynagard™ Wire Rope Lubricants that complement those systems. All are provided in a timely and informed manner by The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc. When you collaborate with us, you get the benefits of our worldwide network of partners, customers, and industry professionals directed to your business. Take advantage of marketing and listing our leading equipment and products with a return on your interests. Contact us today to start the process and enjoy the benefits of our referrals to partners and resellers.

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