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Dynagard™ “E” Environmental Wire Rope Lubricant

Dynagard™ “E” is a revolutionary non-toxic, biodegradable Wire Rope Lubricant that meets the performance levels of petroleum-based greases in areas of fluid film and corrosion protection of Wire Rope Strands. Exceptional for manual application: Dynagard™ “E” also meets the operational requirements for all Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication System Models providing for optimum coating and penetration prolonging the working life of Wire Rope while at the same time meeting the environmental concerns of our Customers. Dynagard™ “E” was the first seed oil based high viscosity grease introduced onto the world market in 1993. It also was the benchmark product used in 2002 to establish MIL-PRF18458C Type II requirements under the Environmentally Preferable Lubricants program (NSWCCD, Code 632) for the United States Navy’s Naval Sea System Command. Documentation is available upon request.

Dynagard™ “E” and its components have been evaluated by independent laboratories. Using 3rd party test results, The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc. has determined that it is fully compliant for the VGP definition of an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL).

Chemex International UK Comments After testing: The report states the biodegradable Lithium grease is not readily soluble in cold or hot water. It was vigorously shaken/homogenized which would not occur in any lubrication mechanism in which the product would be exposed offshore. Also, the relative insolubility of the grease to water at any temperature would result in exposure limits infinitely lower than the values generated from this series of tests. Current field experience in fresh and salt water environments shows no toxic effects are observed despite prolonged exposure to a wide variety of environments. (Chemex)

Dynagard™ “E” Specifications

U.S. NATO and Canadian National Stock Number NSN 9150-01-520-8143
MIL-PRF-18458C (Type II Environmental Designation)
DLA Qualified Products Database
Approved 11/28/06/ Renewed 2011
LC50 Acute Toxicity Bio-Aquatic Rating, EPA/600/4-90/027
Test Duration: 48 Hours
Test Specimen used: Microscopic Estuary Shrimp Species Mysidopsis Bahia
(19,500 PPM)
LC50 (48 Hours) Acartia Tonsa (15.9mg/l) (Pass)(Chemex)
EC50 Toxicity Rating. Test Specimen Phaeodactylum tricornutum
(72 Hours)
(Marine alga) (Chemex)
LC50 Toxicity Rating. Test Specimen; Turbot (Scophthalmus Maximus) (96 Hours LOEC) >1,000mg/l (Chemex)
Biodegradability Rating (CEC L-33-A-93) 97%
Biodegradability Rating (insoluble Substances (BODIS)
>20% (Over 60% @ 56 Days) (OECD 301B)
37% (complete Paste. 28 Days)
CEPHAS (OCNS Group Rating) Pass
Thickener Type Lithium-Calcium
Viscosity NLGI Grade 2
Viscosity Index >100
Base Oil Viscosity (ASTM D445) VG150
Color Dark Brown
Texture Smooth/Creamy
Consistency ASTM D217 2
Tackiness Visual Slightly Tacky
Thickener Type Lithium-Calcium
Base Oil Viscosity ASTM D445 VG 150
VI >100
Flash Point, ASTM D92 (C/F) 316˚ C/601˚F
Dropping Point, ASTM D566 Over 400˚
Oil Separation % (25 C, 24 Hrs.) ASTM D 1742 5.0 Max (1.5 Actual)
Four Ball Weld Load, Kilograms ASTM D 2783 250
Timken Ok Load, Pounds. ASTM D 2509 40
Wear Scar Dia, mm ASTM D 2266 0.6
Worked Penetration: mm, (ASSTM D217): 301, Typical
Salt Spray, Fed. Std. 791, TM 4001 Pass
Accelerated Weathering (Fed 791-4001, ASTM G152, 153) Pass
Rust Test, ASTM D-1743 Pass
Water Washout, Weight % loss @ 175 F (AST 1264) 2.7 (5.0 Max)
Water Spray off, % (ASTM D 4049) <20
Salt fog Corrosion Resistance ASTM B117 1,000 hr. / Pass
Salt Spray, Fed Standard 791, TM 4001 (10 days) Pass
Accelerated Weathering (G23, 10 days) 2 Dots / Pass
Low-Temperature Flexibility (Sec. 4.4.4. no cracks @ 6 Degrees C) Pass (No Cracking)
Load Wear Index (ASTM D2596) 35.58
Adhesive % (Sec. 4.6.6. 150 rpm @ 151 +/- 2 deg. F) 99.7
Volatile Matter .02 Max

Dynagard™ “E” VGP Declaration

Using independent laboratories evaluation of the Dynagard™ “E” product including CHEMEX in Great Britain, The Dynagard™ “E” is now registered with CEPHAS. Therefore, The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc. has determined that the Dynagard™ “E” product meets the VGP definition of an Environmentally Acceptable Wire Rope Lubricant, is not Bio-Accumulative, and is Biodegradable according to the (OECD 301B) requirement.

R.T. Kirkpatrick signature

R.T. Kirkpatrick
The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc.

Date: August 31st, 2015

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Kirkpatrick Develops Environmentally Safe Wire Rope Lube
Wire Rope News & Sling Technology (December 1994 Issue)

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