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About The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc.

The Kirkpatrick name is synonymous with equipment maintenance extending back to 1967 with the opening of Kirkpatrick & O’Donnell Construction Equipment. K&O over the years, became the world’s largest Link Belt Crane franchise with a rental fleet of 450 cranes and Excavators used on major construction and pipeline projects around the world. In fact, K&O supplied 75% of the excavators, draglines, and cranes that built the Alaska pipeline. One can imagine the scope of maintaining a fleet this large and diverse to meet the supply demands of customers when their equipment usually requires parts and service back-up immediately. One excavator down could halt the work on an entire pipeline project or a crane going down on a nuclear Power plant in the same fashion. In this world Bob Kirkpatrick obtained his training and knowledge by advancing through the service and parts departments of K&O and working pipeline while on summer breaks when in college. It was while working on those jobs he learned the challenges his customers faced in the field. He learned to be successful he had to meet his customer’s parts and service support needs, which is turn generated their loyalty. He has translated that knowledge into the same type of support for the wire rope lubrication systems he later developed in 1982. This is the kind of service you get when you are a customer of The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc., and this is still true today.

The field experience and reputation we have gained in the decades since 1982 is mirrored in how we support our wire rope lubrication systems in the world market we have established for them. Other companies have tried to duplicate the success of our systems by introducing their own version using our technology. Their strategy in doing this is to sell ancillary products such as lubricants or pumps as their focus. In most of the presentations we are told about; it is clear that there is a lack of understanding of the entire process by their sales representatives and what it takes to prolong the working life of wire rope. The representatives have very little understanding of the mechanical aspect of their customers actual field application and how the operation relates to wire rope pressure lubrication as well as the actual systems they are attempting to sell those customers. Their focus is basically on the ancillary products they are trying to sell with the complete system. This is usually why they entered the business in the first place. They also lack the 38 year front line experience that the Kirkpatrick Group, Inc. has because their products and their training were developed many years after the introduction of the Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication System.

What to Expect with Our Services

The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc., thanks you for your interest in our selection of wire rope lubrication systems and Dynagard™ wire rope lubricants. As stated previously, our customers throughout the world use our product lines in every application that concerns wire rope safety and longevity. We have been able to make continuous improvements and design the world’s most efficient lubrication systems for wire ropes. We know what our customers require and help them select the right system for their specific applications before they make a purchase. This maximizes their use of their new system once they receive it.

Acquiring your own lubrication system is only as far away as an email or phone call. We will provide you answers to your questions immediately. We also maintain a large parts inventory to further support our customers. In the event we have the part on a shelf which in most cases is the case, we can ship it same-day, and in the event we need to manufacture it; it’ll be shipped within two weeks. In the event you require a specialized customized part from new tooling; we can accommodate you quickly with a part that is a perfect fit at minimal cost.

We have received approvals for our product lines by the following organizations:

  • United States Navy
  • United States Coast Guard
  • Military Sealift Command
  • NATO
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • Canadian Defense Department (Navy and Coast Guard)
  • Australian Navy

Serving Your Cleaning & Lubrication Needs

The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc. has developed the world’s leading wire rope lubrication systems through our decades of amassed expertise. We look forward to helping you clean and maintain your wire ropes, and you’re welcome to contact us today with any questions you have about the products and systems we sell.

Depend on The Kirkpatrick Group Inc.
for Wire Rope Maintenance