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Groove Cleaner Kits & Smooth Bore Wire Rope Cleaners

Precision Laser Cut Tooling provide exact Groove Cleaners to match any Wire Rope Configuration

• Right Lay Direction
• Left Lay Direction
• Smooth Bore

Groove Cleaners ensure the outer circumference, and Groove Pattern of your Wire Ropes are free of contaminants and ready to receive the new Wire Rope Lubricants for better penetration and coating. For a proper fit and the best possible results, it is crucial that the end users calibrate the specific Diameters, note the number of outer strands and the lay direction of their Wire Ropes.

Various numbers of outer Strand Right and Left Lay Groove Cleaners are available. Please enquire about our special Laser produced tooling manufacturing program. This program gives us the unique capability to match your exact Wire Rope Groove Cleaner Kit for specialized and superior results.

Some smaller Diameter Multi-Strand Wire Rope and double armor cable have such a small Groove pattern that it’s difficult for the Groove Cleaner to stay on track. Therefore, Smooth Bore Cleaners are suggested, which are efficient at cleaning the outer circumference of the Wire Rope.


USS Hancock – U.S. Navy Pollution Prevention P2 AFLOAT Program

The Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubricator and Groove Cleaners, have eliminated the need for two people and 3 hours to complete this Preventative Maintenance Schedule (PMS). Now one maintenance man can clean and lubricate a cable in less than 30 minutes.

10 Year Cost Savings: $652,320.00
Labor Reduction: 75%
Breakeven Point 1.2 Months

Depend on The Kirkpatrick Group Inc.
for Wire Rope Maintenance