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How did you hear about our Product Line?

What are your wire rope diameters and lengths?

What are the number of outer strands for each Diameter and their lay direction? Please note whether they are Lang Lay or Regular Lay if you have that information available. Example: ¾ in (19mm), 6 strands, right regular lay.

Describe the kind of work application for each rope. Example: Crane Boom Hoist. Crane Load Line, Mine Vertical Hoist, or Mooring Line.

How heavily coated is each Wire Rope? How much debris or environmental build-up is there from previously applied coatings? Note: Knowing this information helps us determine whether or not Groove Cleaners will be beneficial. New Wire Rope does not initially require the use of Groove Cleaners.

How have you performed your Wire Rope Maintenance up to this point? Example: Maintenance by hand, spray, vat, etc.

How often do you perform Wire Rope Maintenance?

What is the viscosity of the Wire Rope coating you’ve been applying? What is the trade name of the product? Example: Consistency of liquid, molasses, gel, peanut butter, or soft grease?

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