Manual Stripper Assembly


  • Manual Strippers
  • Centering Bushing

The Manual Stripper provides a rotational base for the Groove Cleaners. This device allows the user the ability to strip a majority of their Wire Rope for inspection purposes apart from the lubrication process. The Manual Stripper component can also be tied off to allow the Wire Rope to pass through it, or it can be pulled along the Wire Rope in conjunction with the Groove Cleaner / Smooth Bore Cleaner.


A Centering (Alignment) Bushing with a center cut to the Diameter of the Wire Rope is required to be inserted in the Manual Stripper to keep it centered and aligned. Each Manual Stripper is provided with one Diameter Centering Bushing. Additional Diameters are priced separately.




“We were rewarded by a System that not only lubricated the Wire rope uniformly; it cleaned the surface and removed moisture. An additional benefit was the tension it sets up on the Wire Rope while lubricating. If each district purchased a system for its individual sizes of Wire rope, we could all have safer, easier and most important, quality maintenance of Wire Rope”

Article in “United States Cost Guard’s aids to Navigation Bulletin”


Manual Stripper Removing Debris