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G&H Towing logo

G&H Towing

Galveston, Texas

G&H Towing: 2,000′ – 2 Inch I 52mm Tow Line. Dynagard Blue Environmental Wire Rope Lubricant. Time to complete: 2 hours. (Galveston, Texas USA)

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Young Brothers logo

Hawaiian Tug and Barge

Hawaiian Tug and Barge. Servicing. 2″ (51mm Towline) Lubricant: Dynagard Blue. Trip from Honolulu to Lieu Hawaii

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Gulf Marine Fabricators logo

Gulf Marine Fabricators

(Port Aransas, Texas)

Gulf Coast Marine Fabricators. Port Aransas, Texas.Servicing 2 Miles of 2″ (51mm) Load Line on a 2,000 Ton Crane. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue. System: JU400B. Diameter: 2·1/4″.

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