Inside Marine, 2016
Inside Marine Article, Knowing The Ropes 2016
Inside Marine (August/September 2016 Issue)

wire rope news 1
Facts, Fiction and Friction with Wire Rope Lubrication
Wire Rope News & Sling Technology (February 2015 Issue)

wire rope news 1994
Kirkpatrick Develops Environmentally Safe Wire Rope Lube
Wire Rope News & Sling Technology (December 1994 Issue)

Wire Rope News Feb 2003Pioneer in wire rope pressure lubrication
Wire Rope News & Sling Technology (February 2003 Issue)

The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc. Additional Technical Articles

Lubricating Wire Rope, Inside and Out
Barbara McGrath, Wire Rope News & Sling Magazine (February 1994 Issue)

Mine Hoist Rope Protection
Bill Bischoff & R.D. Barter, International Mining Magazine (February 1989 Issue)

Wire Rope Inspection
Ken Overton (Safety Engineering Services), Crane Works Magazine (July-August 1994 Issue)

Through The Core
Bob Kirkpatrick (President), The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc.

The Skinny on Grease Compatibility
David Turner, Shell

NAVY PWC Lubricator Success Story
Tomas S.N. Gogue, Jr. (Cultural Safety Coordinator), PWC San Diego, CA

Wire Rope Pressure Lubricators Military Sealift Command UNREP Vessels
Edward J. (Ed) Fairbairn, PMP, CMRP (Senior Project Manager (Technical)), CACI Mission Solutions and Services