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Cigar Lake

Cigar Lake Uranium Mine

Mine Hoist (38mm Non-Rotation)

Cigar Lake Uranium Mine Saskatchewan. 1-1/2″ {38mm) Mine Hoist. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue. System: JU120. Water can be seen being pressured out of internal strands.

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Savage Zinc Tennessee Personnel Heist

Zinc Mine. 1-1/2″ Personnel Hoist Rope. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue. System: Model JU120

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National Gypsum

National Gypsum, Shoals Indiana Mine Slope Rope Maintenance

1″ (25mm Slope Rope Maintenance. Notice the difference between the wire rope coming into the Lubrication Collar and that exiting. Note also the amount of debris removed by the Groove Cleaners. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue, System used: JU120.

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Highland Mining Waverly Kentucky 1″ Slope Rope Service

Highland Mining. Slope Rope. Kentucky. Dynagard LVL. Model JUSSL Low Viscosity Applicator. Rope heavily coated with coal dust.

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Henderson Mine logo

Henderson Mine (Molybdenum)

Empire, Colorado

Model JU120. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue. 2-1/8″ Material Hoist Ropes. System: JU120.

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iMC Salt logo

IMC Salt, Avery Island, Louisiana

1-7/8″ (48mm) Hoist Rope

1-7/8″ Heavily salt encrusted Hoist Rope. Note how well the Groovers clean the rope as it enters the Lubrication Collar.

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American Rock Salt logo

American Rock Salt, Groveland, New York

1-1/2″ Friction Hoist

Model JUSSL used to service corroded non-rotation friction Hoist using liquid viscosity oil product.

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Barrick Gold logo

Barrick Gold, Elko, Nevada

1-1/2″ Personnel Hoist

Training: Barrick Gold Personnel. Lubricant: Dynagard LVL. System JU16L. Used Manual Stripper in Line with second Groove Cleaner to provide a 2 hit effect before the heavily debris coated Hoist Rope entered the Lubrication Collar. This strategy proved highly effective.

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Warrior Alliance Met Coal logo

Alliance Coal (Warrior Coal) Madisonville, Kentucky

1-1/2″ Personnel Hoist

1-1/2″ Personnel Hoisl Lubricant: Dynagard LVL. System JU16L. Wire Rope: Multi-Strand.

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Caltrans logo

Caltrans Long Beach Harbor Heim Bridge

(1-1/2″ Lift Bridge Cable)

California Dept Of Transportation Lift Bridge Cables. Installed in 1948. Cost to replace: Over 1 million USD. System SU120. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue. Ropes still coated

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TV Communication Tower Guy Wire, Wichita Falls, Texas

1-1/2″ Cable Strand

1-1/2″ Guy Wire Maintenance. System: SU35B. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue

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Kennedy Wire logo

Kennedy Wire Rope, King Ranch South Texas

10,000′ ½” Down Hole Cable

10,000′ of½”. Travel Speed: 1,000′ per minute. System: JU120. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue

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Nichol Mine In Ontario Canada

Model Ju400 4,000’ Depth Hoist Rope
Condition: Wet And Heavily Coated With Debris

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for Wire Rope Maintenance