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Argent Marine

Argent Marine

Servicing 2,000 feet of 1-1/2″ LNG Tanker Mooring Lines. System used: SU120. Lubricant used: Dynagard Blue. Location: Two Ships. (James River, Virginia.) Note: the heavily encrusted wire rope surface and groove pattern as the Groove Cleaners do their job.

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Maersk Shipping

(Container and Supply Ships)

USS Constellation 42mm Cargo Vessel Mooring Line maintenance. Heavily coated with mud and impregnated with water from the Houston Ship Channel. Note the mud being removed by the Groove Cleaners and the water being pressured out as the Mooring Line passes into the Lubrication Collar. System used: Model SU35B.

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TEEKAY Shipping logo

TEEKAY Shipping

(LNG Tankers)

Tee Kay Shipping: 1-1/2″ (38mm) Mooring Line Maintenance. Model JU-SL. low viscosity Applicator. Location: Gulf of Mexico. Product: Dynagard LVL. Over 65 Tee Kay Ships now using Dynagard Wire Rope Lubricants and SU35B Systems. Our business relationship with Tee Kay is now approaching 20 years.

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Overseas Group logo

Overseas Group

(American Overseas)

Shipboard MacGregor Crane load line and Boom Hoist cable Servicing. 1-1/4″ (32mm). Aboard Military Ready Reserve Roll on and Roll Off ship for Military Equipment going overseas. The Lubrication Collar was effectively pulled down the wire rope and then back up again. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue MIL-PRF-18458C Type I Location: New Orleans, LA.

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Technip Global 1200 Drillship

Technip Global 1200 Drillship. 2,000′ of 2 Inch (51mm) Shipboard Crane Load Line. Servicing performed by Alatas using a Kirkpatrick Model JU120 System. Wire Rope Lubricant: Dynagard Blue CSS13 Location: Pensacola, Florida.

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