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USCGC Kukui (WLB-203) logo

USCGC Kukui (WLB-203)

(Juniper Class Seagoing Buoy Tender, Hawaii)

USCGC Kukul (WLB-203) is the third cutter in the Juniper-class 225 ft (69 m) of seagoing buoy tenders System Used: Model SU35B. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue. MIL-PRF-18458C Type I Location: (Honolulu Coast Guard Base).

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USCGC Clamp (WLIC-75306)

(Inland Construction Tender, Galveston, Texas Coast Guard Base)

USCGC Clamp. Inland Construction Tender. Shipboard Crane Loadline serviced. Model SU35B. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue, MIL-PRF-18458C Type I Location Galveston, Texas.

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USCGC Papaw (WLB-308)

(Ocean Gong Buoy Tender)

USCGC Papaw. Seagoing Buoy Tender. Model SU35B. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue, MIL-PRF-18458C Type I (Galveston. Texas)

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U.S. Coast Guard ANT, Coos Bay logo

U.S. Coast Guard ANT, Coos Bay

Field and Classroom Training in the use of the Model SU35B. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue Environmental Wire Rope Lubricant MIL-PRF-18458C Type (1,100 feet of 1/:z” (12. 7mm ) serviced. One 35 pound size pail used)

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NASA logo

Stennis Space Center (NASA)

Shuttle Engine Test Tower, Gantry Crane

Shuttle Engine Test Tower Gantry Crane. Model JU120B System.1-1/2″ (38mm) Load Line. Lubricant: Dynagard Blue. Wire Rope Travel Speed: 200 feet per minute.

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USCG Juneau Sector logo

USCG Sector Juneau

United States Coast Guard Base – Sector Juneau Training Round-Up

Juneau, Alaska – System: Model SU35B

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